Election News for the New England Fishing Industry

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Election News for the New England Fishing Industry

"The first Obama administration was declared a “disaster” for Northeast fishermen in September — 10 months after socio-economic evidence showing reduced landings, fleet consolidation, concentration of revenue, job losses, higher operating costs, and excessive, rigid regulation had been filed with the commerce secretary." This quote from Richard Gaines, a staff writer for the Gloucester Times, exemplifies many of the modern issues plaguing the fishing industry of the East coast, and I would like to comment on his interpretation of "excessive, rigid regulation."

More often than not, regulation is considered a negative aspect of government power because within our historical discourse, we view regulation as restrictive and controlling. But the right types of regulations will benefit not only the community, but the individual longevity of fishermen and women who consider the ocean their livelihood. Regulatory proposals aimed at protecting fish species during breeding seasons and monitoring catch quotas will not only allow fish to mature and sustain a healthy population, but will allow for sustainable fishing year after year.

Check out the article as Gaines looks towards the future and champions newly elected Senator Elizabeth Warren as a guardian of the local fishing economy!


And as with everything, if you don't draw the best cards on the first hand, be proactive, and GO FISH!

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