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Acquired Tastes

    Well it certainly has been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I have (dare I say) digging around on the Internet for recent topics.  C’mon you know that was a good pun for today’s post.  But I’m not the only one online that has done some digging around for new materials.

            In the past few weeks, Google has bought out the once popular site Digg and it’s support site Milk.  Digg was the predecessor to the social feedback site that we all know and love today, Reddit.  Since the loss of Megaupload, Google has been searching for a new company to assist them in creating Google+ applications.  And since Digg was beginning it’s descent into obscurity, it seemed like the perfect time to pick them up.  It wasn’t as if the company lost any creativity or drive, they just couldn’t keep up with Reddit or other social sites.  It does seems like Google is simply stretching farther over the Internet until it has total control over all aspects, which is not entirely true.  Because of this pure, “don’t be evil” standard that is instated in the company, any kind of expansion or progress is seen by its users as wicked.  Yet if we take a look at some other companies, we see some equal actions being taken yet they aren’t on par to Google.

            Facebook and Twitter have obtained some new sites of their own.  First is Gowalla, a location sharing site that was signed on to help improve the Facebook timelines.  This company was especially damaged after being defeated by Foursquare, socially and financially.  As promising as this new addition to the company is, Facebook has had a nasty habit of killing companies so they can have the developers and designers work on different projects that would be more beneficial to Facebook.  Some examples of those companies are Hot Potato, Snaptu, Beluga and more.  Gowalla’s fate lies in the hands of their new superiors, but it doesn’t look very good for their future.  The second company is Posterous, a blogging forum (archrivals to similar blog site Tumblr) that could expand the infamous 140-characters that Twitter is known for.  Resources say that for now, the site will be kept up and running but the possibility of Twitter expansion is still present.  Right now, it is only being supported and the employees of Posterous couldn’t be any happier to be with Twitter. 

            So how do these two companies relate to Google’s site acquisition?  The show how above and beyond Google goes to make their new company part of the larger picture; how much their platforms mean to Google and how they can use their skills to better the company.  Sure it falls victim to some less than ideal acts that angers users, but it’s inevitable for a company this large to be perfect all the time.  Google is taking a real chance with investing in smaller sites and improving their own branches of the company, they need all the help they can get.  They’re not evil, they’re just growing.