"Remember Me: Voices of the Silenced in Colombia"

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"Remember Me: Voices of the Silenced in Colombia"

 Through an email update from the Latin America Working Group (LAWG), I learned of the Lutheran World Relief (LWR) art exhibit called Remember Me: Voices of the Silenced in Colombia .This exhibit is dedicated to all of the victims of violence of the 60 year conflict--from victims of murder to forced displacement. The art was created and inspired by the victims themselves.

This is an opportunity to hear the voices of the victims, a voice we seldom hear in the news coverage of the conflict in Colombia.  

The works of art are displayed in the context of the facts on the ground in Colombia and the range of actors involved. For example,issues of aerial fumigation, oil palm, children, women, the military and other illegal armed actors are all present in the different pieces of the exhibit.


 The virtual gallery is great, but seeing it in person would be better! The exhibit is travelling around the US for three years and started in April of 2010. To visit, see their schedule. If there is no location near you, you can actually arrange to host the exhibit