Colombia's Displaced

Estella Hefti writes about political violence in Colombia with a special focus on the underreported issue of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Media coverage of Colombia

 A picture found among the belongings of a victim, held by a forensic anthropologist in the general prosecutor’s laboratory in MedellinConsidering the humanitarian crisis in Colombia as well as the amount of US aid to Colombia, mainstream media sparsely covers the ongoing conflict in the country and rarely offers a big picture context of what is going on.

Colombian President Santos Addresses IDPs

The Christian Science Monitor published an article yesterday on Colombian President Juan M anuel Santos' plan to address the IDP problem in the country.

Obama: the conflict in Colombia is not over yet

 With the recent killing of FARC leader Mono Jojoy and a number of other FARC members, Colombia and in particular President Santos, was highly praised by Obama as an exemplary model of success.

Colombia-U.S. FTA in the midst of armed conflict?

United States relations with the different countries of Latin America are on the whole underreported. Colombia is especially significant considering the amount of military and financial aid received from the US. According to Just the Facts , since 2000, the US has spent over $5.5 billion on grant military and police aid to Colombia to date.