Lights On: Human Trafficking at Home

The trafficking of human beings is something that is happening all over the world. An unrepresented country that is a major contributing factor to this organized crime network is the United State of America. This blog looks at policies that are in place and media coverage on trafficking in the US. 


Unheard voices

The voices that should be heard when we turn on the news.

Patterns and a Gaze

While looking at old news articles and websites that have trafficking information on them like I have noticed a strange pattern. Everything seems to have dropped off in 2006. Articles that talked about proactive movements by police and other task forces became more and more scarce, and even this website stopped updating citizens about the United States’ involvement, and all trafficking news for that matter. The year 2006 has no particular significance, which is what makes this drop off in news coverage so odd.


Unmasking the Media

As I stated in my earlier blog there is an alarming lack of information in the media about trafficking in the United States. As I have been looking closer at other outlets I am realizing that this is an issue in alternate media as well. I have recently been looking at an alternative news site called New America Media, and when I began I had a lot of hope that there would be a new spin on the issue. Unfortunately, as I began to look at the site closer I began to see that all of the stories were focused on other countries. They might mention President Obama helping the president of another country, but never what we are doing to solve the problem in our own country. 


There is an entire conference that is given to explain and talk about the report. There is never any media coverage of this event or the report. This is a major document and conference held by government officials including Hillary Clinton. Typically an event that Hillary Clinton is speaking at would get major coverage. It is almost as if trafficking is meant to NOT exist in the United States.


Trafficking in the Media

Human trafficking in the United States has become a major issue that is underreported in the media today. There is little to no news coverage about this issue and popular culture, though a little more on it’s game, is still a deceit to the real issue. After looking at two major news sources; CNN and the NY Times, I found that human trafficking is at the bottom of their list of priorities. What little coverage this issue does receive is also very subjective and an ill representation of how grave the issue is here in the United States.


Human Trafficking at Home

There are over 17,000 children trafficked into the United States each year. This is not counting the adults that are sold and traded in the U.S. for free labor. I would like to look at this issue closer with a sharper lens on how this is being dealt with. In my blog I will not be as concerned with the countries these victims are being taken from, but how the United States is handling their presence here.