UN Secretary General urges progress on climate change

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UN Secretary General urges progress on climate change

“We must be realistic about expectations for a breakthrough in Durban.  We know the reasons: grave economic troubles in many countries, abiding political differences, conflicting priorities and strategies for responding to climate change. Yet let me emphasize: none of these uncertainties should prevent us from making real progress here in Durban.”

These are the words from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at COP17 yesterday.  He stressed the urgent need for action while recognizing the heavy burdens climate change will put on millions of people and the perils it will impose on small island nations.  Moon urged delegates to achieve a number of outcomes before the meeting wraps up here on Friday.  These include operationalizing the Green Climate Fund, devising approaches to short- and long-term financing, strongly considering a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol, and envisioning a stalwart climate agreement. 

“We must keep up our momentum.  That is the challenge before us today. That is the imperative.  It would be difficult to overstate the gravity of this moment.  Without exaggeration, we can say: the future of our planet is at stake.  People's lives, the health of global economy, the very survival of some nations.  The science is clear… The world is looking to you for leadership.”

See the rest of Moon's address here

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