Moving Down the Pipeline

This blog will explore the issues and debates that have surfaced because of the pipeline that is planned to be an extension of the Keystone project.  This pipeline is called "Keystone XL" and the pipe itself will run from Alberta to southern Texas.  There have been protests in both Ottawa and Washington D.C. as well as across the United States. 

The pipeline was intruded on wildlife as well as human territory.  Government officials have been working hard, it seems, to cover up the issues the pipe has already caused, but opposers of the pipeline bring these stories to the media. 

Keystone is STILL up in the air!

The Senate is said to still thinking about pulling out the 'override' card on Obama after he rejected the plan to build the 1,700 mile long pipeline.  This pipe would tear apart physical land, displace many Native American tribes and symbolically divide the east and west coasts of North America. 

Sign this petition and save our earth! Time is ticking there onyl 11 hours and minutes left before this decision is made!

This Just In...

I just recieved this email!  Looks like we have done it!Just moments ago, President Obama denied TransCanada’s permit request to build the Keystone XL export pipeline.

Obama Caving

The Keystone XL proposal has made it through the House of Respresentatives, "as a result of a decidedly undemocratic collaboration between Big Oil and its favorite donees in the GOP."  This article pleads for an act from the public to stop Obama from making a rushed decision.  The White House comment lin

Selective Articulation Much?

The Huffington Post recently published an article that surfaced all the negative, to say the least, aspects of Keystone XL.  This article carefully walks through the current heated debates between the U.S.

Don't be too Excited

So after the delay of the pipeline announced just a few weeks back, the opposition is facing more struggles.  While we have been able to temporarily postpone any progression of the 1,700 mile long pipeline, opposers are warned to to bee too excited. 


Earlier today, it was reported that President Barak Obama approved the delay of the pipeline!  Prostesting and persistance is winning!

Another D.C. Protest!

This past weekend, there was yet another protest in Washington, D.C. This protest hit an all time high of 10,000 protesters!  This protest brought the growing Occupy Wall Street movement to this protest.


Opposition to the pipeline is growing, students, actors/actresses, teachers, locals, everyone is getting involved!


The quote that follows represents the power that big companies and government has over its people.  In this TransCanada article, the CEO of TransCanada says:

The Canadian Economy

So, throughout these articles I have been posting, I have notice a common trend: voices of big corporations and government are being heard and the "underdogs" of media, aka the locals, Native Americans, Environmentalist groups, etc.