Selective Articulation Much?

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Selective Articulation Much?

The Huffington Post recently published an article that surfaced all the negative, to say the least, aspects of Keystone XL.  This article carefully walks through the current heated debates between the U.S. government and TransCanada and opposition.  Something I have been noticing after going through many mainstream news articles is the amount of Republican voices that are being heard and the lack of Democratic voices.  Most opposition or more liberal opinions are those of environmentalist groups that most people haven't heard of or don't know that much about, or they are hidden in the corners of the media in non-profit news stations or papers. 

Take the average American Joe.  Imagine they're watching the news and a republican government official or a republican house representative or a senate member comes on television to speak about the benefits of the pipeline.  Promoting the amount of jobs it will create, the amount of cheap oil we will have running through America, etc. Then a speaker from an environmental organization comes on and speaks about the extreme dangers of the crude oil and the land that will be ruined, lives and families that will be displaced because of it, etc.  Many average Americans would more times than not look to the high up, well known government official for "factual" information.  There are many scary and eye- opening facts about Keystone XL that are never heard about because of the ownership of mainstream news media. 

Obama's presidency seems to be coming to the forefront of many people's minds after he decided to postpone any progression of the pipeline and then postpone his final decision of approval or disapproval of the pipeline until late 2012, around the time of elections.  There is a very important paragraph in this article that I would especially like to highlight.  It puts the spotlight on Obama's lack of involvement with this issue until recently:

The president, until recently, simply hid behind the legal argument that, as the pipeline was coming from Canada, the proper forum for the decision fell with the U.S. Department of State and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That was until a key Clinton insider was exposed as a lobbyist for the company trying to build Keystone XL, TransCanada. The environmental group Friends of the Earth has exposed a series of connections between the Clinton political machine and Keystone XL. Paul Elliott is TransCanada’s top lobbyist in Washington on the pipeline. He was a high-level campaign staffer on Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House in 2008, and worked as well on Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1996 and Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign in 2000.


This video, while an old advertisement for the protest that happened on November 6th, 2011, Michael Brune, the Sierra Club executive director sheds light on the extreme dangers this pipeline could and will have if not cut off.  The facts he brings up are nothing like the stories and arguments we see in mainstream news!

Keep your facts in check and reality close at hand! Hold on tight followers of the Keystone XL issue, things are just going to get worse!

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