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This Just In...

I just recieved this email!  Looks like we have done it!Just moments ago, President Obama denied TransCanada’s permit request to build the Keystone XL export pipeline. It’s hard to express the magnitude of this announcement. Never in recent memory has Big Oil been told, “No.” And for that, we’re thanking the president. Sign the giant poster we’re sending to the White House, thanking President Obama for protecting our land, water, health and legacy of our family farms and ranches. Our work for the past two years, all the phone calls, emails, letters and rallies, flipped the tables on an issue everyone told us was a done deal. President Obama would not have made this decision without you. He stood up today and had Nebraskans’ backs. We want to show him that we’ve got his. Even though this was the right decision, we know Republicans--including Nebraska’s Rep. Terry--are already plotting ways to try and use this against the president. Big Oil is making this an election issue by running attack ads with lies about jobs. We need to let the president know that the people who stand with him are more powerful than Big Oil’s money and threats. Add your name to the “Thank You” card we’re sending to the White House. Your pride, courage, tenacity and enthusiasm fueled us throughout this fight. Together, we took down the Goliath that no one said we could beat. We are Nebraskans, we are bold, and we will continue to fight for our land, water and the future of our state. Proudly, we can now all say #noKXL is a reality! Jane Kleeb
Executive Director
Bold Nebraska P.S. We know many folks want to celebrate this decision together. We have a few ideas, but we'd love to hear yours!

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