The Muppet Agenda

On the Fox Business network last week, “Follow the Money” host Eric Bolling spent ten minutes of his show blasting the newly released The Muppets movie, calling it a perfect example of “Liberal Hollywood”

Seriously? (Link to movie on Media Matters)

The movie depicts three Muppet fans, who recently learned that oil tycoon Tex Richman wants to drill under the famous Muppet theater for oil.

Surprisingly, I do not have as much an issue with their problem as much as I do with their argument and overall arrogance. Let us take a few examples:

D285 an Gainer, a very right wing media critic who serves the Media Research Center, joined Eric Bolling on the show claiming that, “It’s amazing how far the left will go just to manipulate your kids, to convince them, give the anti-corporate message.” He continues, “I mean this is a Muppet movie for goodness sake!”

Thank you Dan, take your own statement and explain that to Fox Business and your absolute waste of time on their show.

I am even embarrassed for getting into this argument, but here we go. Bolling posed a few softball questions before really throwing a tough one Mr. Gainer’s way, asking the media critic if The Muppet’s were using class warfare to brainwash our kids?

Mr. Gainer wasted no time – yes, and they’ve been doing it for decades. Mr. Gainer then prompted a release of the hard facts, “you’ll see all these movies attacking the oil industry, whether it’s Cars 2, Syriana, There Will Be Blood. All of these movies attacking the oil industry.” Is he seriously comparing Cars 2 to There Will Be Blood? And is this the same Dan Gainer who offered a $100 cash reward for the first member of congress to punch Representative Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) in the nose? You should look into Sesame Street Dan, it might do you some good.

Bolling was then joined on the show by co-host Andrea Tantaro and Occidental College professor Caroline Heldman. Talk about fair news – Tantaro spoke at will against The Muppet Agenda while Professor Heldman tried to whenever she could fit in actual facts and sensible knowledge. Host Eric Bolling literally said, “Doc. I have to stop you.” Balanced news reporting Fox, balanced news.

Andrea, give me why you have a real issue…..“Why is being rich such a bad thing? Tex Richman is the American dream.” How did she get on television?

Andrea, the American Dream is not to be successful at any costs. We as a nation pride ourselves on the idea that we are free to think and speak how we want, but that we can come together and be the strongest nation in the end. After all it is the United States of America – we are a united entity. The American Dream is to work hard and become successful, but not at the cost of endangering your neighbor. Tex Richman provides an example of the dangerous and suspect ways in which we search and drill for oil – nothing stands in the way and the costs are pure economic, not social or environmental.

Yes Andrea, we all want to be successful in what we do, we all can sit on “Follow the Money” and speak nonsense – however some of us are not willing to en287 danger our long-term standard of living to do so. Andrea you well point out that there is no better economic alternative right now to crude oil. But is that not the problem? We are thinking economically, and we have nothing but a fuel that endangers our social health and environmental system.

Professor Heldman makes the best point of the day, “it’s not the profit and the success, it the way in which you get there, and when Deep Water Horizon kills 11 people and you have BP now making historic profits, and you see a sector that is price gouging during an economic recession, I think it is perfectly fine to educate children who the real villain is.”

At least the interview was not a complete waste of time.