African Voice

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Ruvimbo Mangoma's blog provides an insightful mix of stories in and around the African continent.

The "A" word

Earlier on I wrote about "There is no such thing as AFRICA”. But of course there is.  You and I cannot deny the obvious existence of the African continent, (it’s on the map - clearly) however, I feel that coining the term 'African' its mere usage has been of more detriment than good. But I say that with a clear bitter taste of reality. And reality bites.

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See Article from Forbes:

So enraged as I am I will try to write with a tad bit of composure and tact. For I do believe that the Legatum Institute has created an index or collection of indices to measure which people around the globe laugh more and who are likely to have more sad days in any given 365.

There's no such thing as AFRICA

So, I have a bit of a theory.

I will brainstorm and rehash some ideas and see where this could lead. It is my own personal theory, that I have developed that I believe strongly that there is no such thing as AFRICA. This is merely a constructed concept that holds no true meaning or value. Africa is just a landmass that happens to occupy roughly a third of the earth's surface and does not refer to a people or a culture. What is being African? What do you mean when you say African attire? An African proverb… out of a 1000 languages, what could you possibly mean by it? What universality can be drawn from Africa?

The Danger of a Single Story

One writer from Nigeria, Chimamanda Adichie inspired me with a talk she gave on the Danger of a single story.

In a candid, imaginative and realistic speech she relayed how a single story and thus a single perspective at viewing any circumstance or nation was dangerous as it made the reader, viewer or individual, an ignorant person. Cultural misinterpretations and easily concluded stereotypes would be the end - all result.

Obama in Ghana

And I quote: "the 21st century will be shaped by what happens not just in Rome or Moscow or Washington, but by what happens in Accra as well."

I echo that sentiment in that I truly believe that Africa's future lies in the hands of her own people.  Obama relays that the following four areas are imperative for Africa’s progress: democracy; opportunity; health; and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Dead Aid


Africa has been the recipient of more than $1 trillion of developmental aid over the past fifty years. And yet, Africa howbeit is the poorest continent.

Dambisa Moyo makes a case that developmental AID is not working in promoting sustainble growth and the development of Africa economically, socially and politically. She makes a compelling argument that aid has actually led to the perpetuation of poverty and subsequently led to economic retardation.

Managing Globalization

You know what, maybe I am just an over zealous Zimbabwean. In my first blog, I talked about globalization producing winners and losers. Guess what, I think in the truest sense, Africa is "lost". Lost to all the economic prosperity and wealth that is enjoyed by the developed world.Daniel Altman from The International Herald Tribune, runs a blog focusing on economic news and communicates how governments,individuals and the corporate world are dealing with the challenges of Globalization.

Koffi Annan, I love you

So amid the current financial crisis that has swept over the entire globe, there stands a man who is brave enough to say, hey,"do not use the current economic turmoil as an excuse to turn your backs on this continent." Many argue to say that foreign aid sent to many African countries has been misused. Do  agree with that statement? YES. Should the flow of foreign aid to Africa stop? NO

During the G- 20 summit Anna argued saying that "rich countries had a choice between collaboration and destructive competition."

The Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Africa

African banks have also been subject to volatile financial markets.
According to a recent report on Inside Africa, banks in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya to name a few are also feeling the crunch.

The US Presidential Race and Africa

So I watched this report on Inside Africa

Imagine this, (in fact this actually happened) an Obama Concert in Kenya,twins born named Barack and Michelle, the
production of "Senator Beer", Mock elections (in which Obama won of course) and then November 4th being declared a national holiday in Kenya.