There's no such thing as AFRICA

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There's no such thing as AFRICA

So, I have a bit of a theory.

I will brainstorm and rehash some ideas and see where this could lead. It is my own personal theory, that I have developed that I believe strongly that there is no such thing as AFRICA. This is merely a constructed concept that holds no true meaning or value. Africa is just a landmass that happens to occupy roughly a third of the earth's surface and does not refer to a people or a culture. What is being African? What do you mean when you say African attire? An African proverb… out of a 1000 languages, what could you possibly mean by it? What universality can be drawn from Africa?

My theory leaves room for me to speculate that we are trying to create something that cannot be put together. The United States of Africa? Or the song, I'm so proud to be African" What does that mean? Being African? It is vague and the only relation I can conjure up is that of geography.

 Think about it, when people say AFRICA, which people do they refer to? Most of the time, you think of the Black Africans. So already you have erased the many Indians, white Africans and of course our brothers and sisters in North Africa, because they’re not "African"...even CNN and the BBC, clearly map them out as "The Middle East" (not sure why since North Africa is umm.. well part of Africa.)

 So what do you get, when you have 53 countries, each with different climates,  some located in what can be referred to as “the jungle”, some which are islands (unknown to many- ever heard of the Seychelles, Cape Verde or the Comores.. yep they are African too), some which have been at war and some which have so many languages that the only  language capable of bringing the nation into adherence with itself is derived from Latin. “Parlez- vous francais?” The Cameroonians, Togolese and Senegalese would say.. “Of course not, the real language to speak is English the Southern Africans would say in response.”

So what binds this AFRICA that everybody talks of? Who are Africans?

There are so many exogenous factors at play here that are struggling to put this distorted concept. A concept, which is increasingly failing to convince me of its validity.  


More to come,