Green Consumption

Tis the season for…more shopping? The holiday season is upon us and slowly our days are dwindling to get “the best deals in town,” the 25-50% off in stores, and free shipping! Just what every consumer needs; things and stuff and trinkets. This season, you have a choice to stand up for environmental action within your our home.

Now come on…how easy is that! Read on to learn how:


No matter what the celebration, holiday seasons bring people together over food, the exchanging of gifts and time sake traditions. To really make the season bright, begin to make a few small changes to your consumption levels for a healthier holiday.

1)   Reduce, reuse, recycle: Reuse old wrapping paper, recycle newspaper for personal gift wrap, buy less, finding Fairtrade items to give to family and friends

2)   Buy Local: Pick up fresh, local organic ingredients for your holiday meals!

3)   Skip disposable silverware and plates.

4)   Send and ECard rather than a holiday letter!

5)   Be energy efficient and turn off lights at night. Its okay that your tree isn’t twinkling at 3am!

6)   Donate and recycle old boxes, clothes, etc.

7)   Get outside this season and enjoy your surroundings. Take a hike, go for a walk, cross country ski, snowshoe, or just spend some time enjoying a nice day!


Those are just a few options to follow this season to taking the steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

What’s interesting is that sustainable living solution stories are rarely reported in the news. Seems to me like the success stories would be the best kind of motivators for people to know they too can live a healthy and simple life! Living sustainably can be a small or big change, but it is up to the individual to decide what kind of changes he/she wants to continuously devote time to maintaining and managing to make it completely green.


One must question why something so good is lost in media translation. First, check out this blog highlighting a simple green solution of yurt living.

What a great way to cut back on energy costs, get rid of all the things you don’t need and live off simple simplicity. Easier said than done, right? Well, making the commitment, no matter how big or small, to live a more sustainable lifestyle is a steadfast commitment to the betterment of the world and your daily life. Not only do your actions affect others, but the decisions you make may spark like-minded change to save our environment.