Heat Behind the Headlines

Climate science is undeniable yet journalists still get the story wrong. Whether it's proffering consumerist solutions or ignoring the global ethics of the climate crisis, news media portray an ideology of technology and individualism. It's time to take a look behind the headlines to find out how scientists frame themselves for media representation and who's getting the story straight.

Let's Occupy News Media

Newspapers seem to convey totality – journalists say they consider all sides of a story and the New York Times motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print” – that implies there is nothing else. Read through some climate change articles and it's clear that's far from the truth.

Low Expectations, Low Results

One thing i have noticed about coverage of United Nations climate change conferences is that U.S. newspapers tend to set the bar low, perhaps so people aren't outraged by lack of progress. The talks in Durban prove my point.

Bill McKibben: Hyper-Individualism Blinds Us To Climate Injustice

Of the 18 articles quoting McKibben I analyzed, only two articles go beyond the consumerist solutions, include comprehensive coverage of McKibben’s messages, treat him like an expert, and convey global consciousness.

The Rational Consumer Myth

The first and principal tactic of the global elite in opposition to the global environmental movement is to blame the consumer. This tactic relies on the myth of the rational consumer, which has been disproved innumerably by advertisers.

USA Today Neglects Science, Panders to Politics

Unstated truths in news media do not magically reveal themselves to the masses. With my stance established, I would like to expend some energy calling out USA Today for their front-page coverage of natural disasters and FEMA resources.

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

I assumed my own writing would be free of the journalistic sins I seek to uncover. As it turns out, review of my analysis proves I'm as guility as the next guy.

Oil Companies Win Big as Climate Warms

Climate change exists but it’s good for business and actions to prevent it are questionable, according to the Business Day section of the New York Times on Tuesday[i]. The front-page story illustrates the climate change news paradigm. I am here to illustrate its flaws. Before I explain the objectives of my blog, let’s jump right into the analysis and then bring it all together.