How will history judge global institutions like the IMF, World Bank, and UN?

Ruben Garcia

Reuben Garcia suggests that history will judge international financial institutions harshly if they do not democratize their operations.

Vandana Shiva
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Vandana Shiva discusses the role of global institutions in today's world and their influence on women.

Carol Hunter
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For Hunter History is an interesting judge...

Melody Moezzi
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Moezzi talks about positive aspects of the UN, and provides us with some ideas for the future. As well as she gives her judgement on the IMF and World Bank. 

Stephen Soldz
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For Stephen Soldz history is written by victors, depending on who will win those institutions will be judge as...

Julie Bridgham
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Bridgham describes how institutions like the UN as part of a process, in which we transition to a much more globalized reality.

Don Brown
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Don Brown talked about how the global institutions will be judged harshly and that there is need for reform.

Priscilla Falcon
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Falcon discussed the way global institutions only serve the interest of super powers, extracting resources from developing countries.

Jyoti Puri
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Puri sees these global institutions as modern iterations of colonizing empires.

Don Romesburg
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Romesburg discussed how the recent recession was put into perspective the austerity measures the IMF and World Bank inflicted on developing countries, for now the first world countries are suffering from similar measures.