What does the increase in technology and its availability mean for people in developing countries?

Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia believes that new technologies hold great promise for developing countries.

Jaron Lanier
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Jaron Lanier is worried that technology will not necessary give bread to the people in Developing World

Harinda Vidanage
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Vindanage talks about how in the context of modernity, technology is not the sole product of the developed countries and this is in part due to the low cost of computing power.

Julie Bridgham
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Bridgham describes how equal acces to technology can help people in developing countries be more involved in the democratic process.

Don Brown
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Brown describes how technology has revolutionizing and negative impacts.

Brian McCarty
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McCarty discusses why the increase of technology can be seen as a double egged sword for developing countries.

Josh Stearns
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Stearns talks about technology as a double-edged sword.

Janisse Ray
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Ray expresses the hope that it may skyrocket their way of life, without causing so much destruction for the environment.

Jyoti Puri
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Puri described how technology is inherently neutral, and can not be only seen as good or detrimental.

Don Romesburg
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Romesburg described how technology is not god or bad, and how it should be seen as a tool.