Ruben Garcia


Ruben Garcia is one of the founders and Director of Annunciation House, which provides solidarity-based support to vulnerable individuals in the US-Mexico border area.  As the national debate on immigration reform gets underway, immigrants speak of having to  navigate a border turned into a gauntlet that makes use of tactics and technology that was initially designed for use in warfare.  At a time of increasing abuses, violence and death along the border, the voices of the poor in migration have become a prophetic voice, born of injustice, demanding a response from people committed to the principles of justice and human rights.  For over 30 years, on he border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Chihuahua, the houses of hospitality operated by Annunciation House have provided hospitality to more than 75,000 refugees.  Garcia spoke with the Weave's Milan Sova during a visit to St. Lawrence University in October 2010.