Hands Up, Don't Shoot! comes to the North Country

748 This afternoon a group of St. Lawrence University students took to the streets to express their outrage at the level of police brutality in the United States and the impact of police violence on people of color in particular.

Dangerous Solidarities at Northeastern and Beyond

Upon hearing the news that student activists at Northeastern University (“a leader in global experiential learning”) were being targeted for punishment by the university administration in response to their work in solidarity with Palestinians, I was immediately reminded of an episode from my own career as an activist.  I was also reminded of how dangerous the impulse of human solidarity can be, at least in the eyes of those who desperately seek to police it and blunt its impact. 

Librarians and Archivists in Palestine

Solidarity Statement from Librarians and Archivists to Palestine following their recent visit to Palestine.  I have been following their work with great interest and admiration in recent months. 




Unwelcome in Palestine

Eight years ago today, on December 22, 2003, two of my undergraduate students were denied entry into Israel at the southern border with Egypt.  The reason, the helpful border guard told them, was that they were "friends with Arabs."  He also told them that they would never be welcome again in Israel.  The problem, in other words, was not that they wanted to go to Israel; the problem was that they wanted to go to Palestine.  In the eight years since then, the experience of these two young Americans has proven, in its own small way, to be quite prophetic.  

“They made us many promises…”

 As I sit in my kitchen after baking 14 (literally) pies for Thanksgiving, I begin to wonder what other Native families are doing in preparation for the holiday.

Eco-terrorism and the Earth Liberation Front

The documentary “If a Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front” by Marshall Curry was released earlier this year. The film presents the story of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), an eco-defense group that has utilized arson, violence, and extensive property damage (all deemed “eco-tage”) to destroy businesses they believed were destroying the environment in some way. The ELF has been categorized as an “eco-terrorist” group, and has been classified as the number one domestic U.S. terrorist threat in the past.

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