Can an Indian steal LAND?!

Native American people have been fighting hard for hundreds of years, since contact basically, to reclaim their traditional lands that were taken from them by force and extermination. Much more in recent decades, we are beginning to see a stronger fight to reclaim those territories that once belonged to our ancestors. Many tribes across the country (and perhaps all of them) can safely say that they do not reside on the lands that once traditionally belonged to their people.

Bordering Injustice: Part II

In June of 2009, an issue arose about arming the Canadian Border officers who were posted on the Cornwall Island portion of Akwesasne. The arming of the officers was not taken lightly as more than 400 residents protested the attempted arming on Native land.

Re: Bordering Injustice: Part I

Thank you so much for bringing up education! This is one of the hardest issues that is being faced today, especially for Native American people. Much of what is taught by schools is based on a general curriculum set out for them by a higher educations board, as well as it partially being based off of the type of text books being bought in bulk which is based off the largest state with the most people (i.e. Texas). Interestingly, these text books normally don't include much history or many facts about Native American people, not to mention the genocide that occurred to them.

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