NYT Palestine Spoof: Defending the Right to Satire

Acting in the tradition of culture jamming groups such as the Yes Men, who pulled off a famous 2008 fake edition of the New York Times, two American Jewish groups (Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No!) recently launched a website that brilliantly reveals the problem with the NYT's notoriously slanted coverage of Palestine/Israel. Not surprisingly, their efforts have been met with a swift response from the powerful gatekeepers who would prefer to silence those who engage in this sort of satirical creative work.

To Inform Is Not a Crime: The Case of Raúl Capín

919 Spain is routinely referred to as a democratic country, and it does possess many of the attributes typically associated with democracy. At the same time, as I have seen during the past several months of living in Madrid, the country is also home to some profoundly anti-democratic tendencies. For many critics, these tendencies represent not an erosion of a previously democratic reality but rather a confirmation that “La Transición” (Spain’s post-1975 transition from dictatorship to democratic rule) remains fundamentally unfinished. Nowhere is this clearer that in the ongoing attempts by the state to restrict the ability of ordinary citizens to exercise freely their right to protest and to share information about what is happening in their society. In this “Weaving the Streets” post I will share what I observed and learned at a recent protest in support of Raúl Capín, an independent photojournalist who is facing potential jail time after photographing police activity at a major public demonstration in February 2013. The case is intimately connected with a broader series of issues having to do with the criminalization of information and possibility for real democratic transformation in Spain.

Guest Blog: The Execution of Christopher Dorner

I am reprinting the following piece originally published today by Counterpunch, with permission, because it gets at some very important issues about structures of violence that resonate not only throughout the U.S., but also in Palestine (the normal topic of this blog).  One of the authors, George Ciccariello-Maher, is a St.

Re: In response to the last attacks on The Muslims and The US Consulate: RESPONSIBILITY WE ALL SHARE!

Thanks for Your comment. There is NO NEED for any censorship laws now and in the future. YET there is need for something else: NEED TO RESPECT EACH OTHER. Freedom of speech ends where freedoms and rights of another human being are violated and treated, or her/his culture and values are insulted, mocked, and laughed at.

“They made us many promises…”

 As I sit in my kitchen after baking 14 (literally) pies for Thanksgiving, I begin to wonder what other Native families are doing in preparation for the holiday.

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