In response to the last attacks on The Muslims and The US Consulate: RESPONSIBILITY WE ALL SHARE!

Images from the "Innocence of Muslims," that first of all are outraging and cause an unrest in many people, as well as what is believed resulted in an attack on the US Consulate in Libya and other diplomatic offices in Egypt and Yemen; come from a movie that today many of us could easily access on YouTube. The movie poorly made, with actors being lied and dubbed with words they never said. And still resulting in to some extent catastrophe...


We are all Khaled Said

What sparked my interest in social media as a form of digitally fueled activism was an incident that happened in June of 2010 and is accredited for stimulating the revolution in Cairo.

The Egyptian Gambit

In chess, a gambit is a risky strategy in which a player offers a short-term advantage to his opponent in exchange for some other longer-term gain.

The demonstrations which took place outside the Israeli embassy last night in Cairo go to the heart of the ‘Egyptian gambit’ which has been played out on the Middle Eastern chess board for decades: political elites allow a frustrated Egyptian population to vent their anger against a recognizable ‘enemy’, and bear ensuing political heat because it allows them to exert leverage abroad and protects their legitimacy at home.

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