Re: Why Islam?

For a long time I have been looking at the parallels between the way the Occident is perceiving and talking about Islam and the way it looked at the Jewish microcosm throughout the time in Europe, where we (without exceptions), or rather our ancestors not only engaged  in open Anti-Semitism or/and did nothing to prevent Shoa from happening.

In response to the last attacks on The Muslims and The US Consulate: RESPONSIBILITY WE ALL SHARE!

Images from the "Innocence of Muslims," that first of all are outraging and cause an unrest in many people, as well as what is believed resulted in an attack on the US Consulate in Libya and other diplomatic offices in Egypt and Yemen; come from a movie that today many of us could easily access on YouTube. The movie poorly made, with actors being lied and dubbed with words they never said. And still resulting in to some extent catastrophe...


Moezzi's Big Question

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Melody Moezzi values peace and justice and from those outlines Her Big Question.

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