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CNN: Docility in Action

More than a decade ago, independent journalist Amy Goodman (the host of Democracy Now!) made a crucial observation about the corporate news media's coverage of the lead-up to the Iraq war and the war's early stage. Noting the tendency of CNN and other networks to turn their coverage over to an endless parade of retired generals, admirals, and other "military experts" (along with the almost total absence of any alternative or critical perspective), and noting how the major networks also borrowed the title of their coverage ("Operation Iraqi Feedom") directly from the Pentagon, Goodman asked, "If this were state media, how would it be any different?"

I found myself wondering the same thing yesterday as I watched CNN's breathless coverage of the capture of prison escapee David Sweat.

A sidewalk in Canton…

Today, while walking to downtown Canton in this sunny and warming-up weather as in every sunny day when temperature does not go below freezing; I had to jump around in order to avoid flooding that occurred on 90% of the sidewalk. I look to my right and saw that the road is perfectly dry; and I have noticed that apparently all the ‘swamp’ from the road has moved ‘thanks’ to snowplows to the sidewalks. And when your shoes are not well water-proved, there is nothing else left than to ‘curse’ such state of things. So I did…

Re: Child Porn in the North Country

Advocacy against Poverty


After watching the “Frozen River,” the ultimate story on poverty in the North Country – New York… I was wondering after reading this post about what motivated that person to such act… If this was purely “deviation” that resulted in abuse of minors and taking their dignity and chances for normal future – then indeed such person requires both: punishment and rehabilitation. And his victims require appropriate care.

Can an Indian steal LAND?!

Native American people have been fighting hard for hundreds of years, since contact basically, to reclaim their traditional lands that were taken from them by force and extermination. Much more in recent decades, we are beginning to see a stronger fight to reclaim those territories that once belonged to our ancestors. Many tribes across the country (and perhaps all of them) can safely say that they do not reside on the lands that once traditionally belonged to their people.

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