patterns of news coverage

Should you have to sue for justice?

Do you think that after a murder, or a murder for your loved one to be exact, there should be a full out investigation on what happened? I would think, but what if the FBI failed to adequately investigate, or if they just flat out failed to investigate entirely? How would you, as an American citizen, respond?

Maori Tattoos, Rugby and Nationalism-NYTimes content analysis

Fourteen articles have been published in the NYTimes on the Maori from the time period of January 1, 2011 to November 13, 2011.  In my content analysis, there were three major patterns that surfaced. Maori are most often mentioned in relation to their infamous tattoos (four articles out of fourteen), their haka performance at the beginning of a national rugby game (three out of fourteen), or in reference to a national New Zealand identity (three out of fourteen).

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