On January 21st, Steve Peraza in his Poverty Report asked about the “Faith in the Future of America?” I am sure we both agree with Steve on the limitations of Alexis de Tocqueville’s ability to see the whole picture of The United States. Since the state, country, world – all are build from multiple pictures.

Re: Faith in the Future of America?

Dear Steve, In your post you ask about "faith in the future of America"... I am not American - I am European, and often as a critical observer of the world's issues I am worried of the notion of "American exceptionalism..." Exceptionalism that in minds of some people is being built on misleading goals of the foreign policy and the "iron fist" of the US army. At the same time, when over the last years I have been traveling between Poland and The United States, I have noticed that something is changing...

The Egyptian Gambit

In chess, a gambit is a risky strategy in which a player offers a short-term advantage to his opponent in exchange for some other longer-term gain.

The demonstrations which took place outside the Israeli embassy last night in Cairo go to the heart of the ‘Egyptian gambit’ which has been played out on the Middle Eastern chess board for decades: political elites allow a frustrated Egyptian population to vent their anger against a recognizable ‘enemy’, and bear ensuing political heat because it allows them to exert leverage abroad and protects their legitimacy at home.

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