Techno-politics and the Global Stage

This blog explores the implications of technology across the global political spectrum. I focus on free and open source software as well as the democratic implications of computer mediated communications.

Techies, Networks and Globalization from Dakar: Part 1

Something strangely fitting surrounds the journey of the May First/People Link, USSF technology crew arriving in Dakar for the WSF and the Indymedia Convergence Center.

Dakar on Fire: Energy, Protests, and the World Social Forum

On our first day in Dakar, our real estate broker, Serge, finally found us at the air port and brought us to the apartment we've stayed at the last three days, a rather nice place overlooking a ruinous looking structure to the right and the United Nations building to the left. Not only did the three bedroom apartment have two fully functional bathrooms and a balcony, but to our techie delight, it sported an already functional Internet connection.