Environmental Justice

Despite the growing attention paid to climate change, many environmental issues remain chronically underreported. This section of the Weave is devoted to analysis and discussion of perspectives, stories, and struggles that are too often left out of the public debate on the future of the planet.

Fisheries Investment and Regulatory Relief Act of 2012

Big news for the end of 2012! Check out this article expressing hope for the new federal legislation aimed at saving the US Fishing Industry.



Full Steam Ahead Towards the Future

A radical but interesting plan, this article describes how completely stopping fishing in certain areas would provide long term environmental and economic benefits. By letting the fisheries rebuild, each fish caught would be healthier and weigh more, resulting in more profit per fish.

Food Is Trash Too

The website StumbleUpon is one of the coolest I've encounted, and while most of the sites it bumps you to lack the "life-altering experience" and useful information our society turns towards the world wide web for, it occastionally drops you into some pretty cool places. Exam week is usually when I "stumble" the most, and today my procrastination really paid off. 

Informal Economies

Looking at different communities around the world who deal with trash has had some surprising side tracks for me. While it has become increasingly hard to ignore the millions of people who have been forced to make a living in some foul and horrific conditions, it has also made me question the rising significance and importance of the formal and informal economies. In many cases, communities based in landfills, dumps, e-waste zones, etc.

Floating Islands of Trash

The phenomenon of "floating islands of trash" is a rather well-known reality, but not the conventional way that I once originally thought. When I first heard about one "island" imparticular, also known as the "Garbage Patch" (although there are a host of other names for this thing), I just kept picturing this mass of empty soda bottles, milk jugs, barrels, anything plastic really, just hanging out in the middle of the ocean.

"Digital Dumping" in Ghana

Our global society continues to make rapid technological advances nearly every day. Many people, including myself, are left wondering where yesterday's new yet somehow "old" cellphones, computers, and pretty much every other tech gadget really go. 

Voices of Reason

Nobody knows the fishing industry of New England better than those who help operate the market. Over the course of the last week, I was fortunate enough to interview two members of the fishing community, both of whom agreed to speak with me under the pretext of anonymity, and they helped me discover several new breakthroughs for Go Fish.

More on Kibera

If anyone wants more information on Kibera I found this great blog link to check out, 

Economist's View: Kenya's Kibera Slum

Has some great visuals as well as more details about the quality of life/daily life

What We Assume

Recently I had a interesting discussion with a family member over Thanksgiving break that lead me to really think about the assumptions that we (an affluent, white, "developed" world society) place on the "underdeveloped" regions of the globe. And in this particular instance, it happened to be Africa. She was reminiscing about her past trip to the continent several years ago, all the amazing animals she saw, glimpses of the traditional culture, etc. But what really struck me was the trip's apparent lack of immersion and exposure to that society, people, culture, etc.

World Fisheries Day!

Did you forget to celebrate World Fisheries Day? Did you feel like you were missing something all day on November 21st and just couldn't figure out what it was? World Fisheries Day was celebrated worldwide on November 21st, and what a great holiday it was.