Human Rights

The past century has seen a revolution in the struggle for human rights, but the revolution remains unfinished. There is an ongoing need to share knowledge and transform it into action and meaningful change. This section of the Weave is devoted to raising awareness of some of the world's most pressing human rights issues.

Oil palm industry fueling displacement?

Colombia is a country with rich natural resources and an ideal climate for agriculture. One growing industry is oil palm . Oil palm is grown commercially to produce palm oil , a product that goes into products we use every day in the US including including soap products and cooking oils.

Continued War on Drugs

Comparative Analysis of Elite Powers in News Media: Uganda

I’d like to take this opportunity to illustrate the effects that news media has on the general population. I will be posting different articles from varying sources that all show the roles of the elites and their effects on news media coverage. 

Does Free *AID* Exist?

Since the fall of Idi Amin in mid 1979 the United States has invested money with the IMF and World Bank in Uganda. US-Uganda relations have structured the country’s economy in a way that Uganda has achieved export-led economic growth. The United States has had a key position in creating economic reform in countries like Uganda in order to make them compete in international markets.  Since becoming indebted to countries like the U.S through International programs the government feels tied to having an export based economy. The comment below from Robert Kabushenga of New Vision said “if we can build our export base, then the productivity of the country has been undermined. And once our productivity is undermined, and then we’ll never get out of debt.”


Media coverage of Colombia

 A picture found among the belongings of a victim, held by a forensic anthropologist in the general prosecutor’s laboratory in MedellinConsidering the humanitarian crisis in Colombia as well as the amount of US aid to Colombia, mainstream media sparsely covers the ongoing conflict in the country and rarely offers a big picture context of what is going on.

Colombian President Santos Addresses IDPs

The Christian Science Monitor published an article yesterday on Colombian President Juan M anuel Santos' plan to address the IDP problem in the country.

Obama: the conflict in Colombia is not over yet

 With the recent killing of FARC leader Mono Jojoy and a number of other FARC members, Colombia and in particular President Santos, was highly praised by Obama as an exemplary model of success.

Internally Displaced Persons of Colombia

Uganda: Corruption and its Relation to "Free Markets"

In Uganda, stories hitting the mainstream news often have to do with corruption within their own government and its direct relation to the people that are being served. The mainstream news rarely identifies developed nations as being corrupt. Recently, an article was published on The Guardian titled: Corruption endemic in Uganda which stresses the political corruption in Uganda and how it is solely affecting the countries inhabitants. It mentions many valid reasons that corruption is increasingly prevalent. For example, people residing in rural areas which accounts for roughly 24 million people of a 27 million have little input into governmental policies because of their location. However, I believe that corruption should be discussed on a global scale, making it evident that corruption should be discussed more broadly.

Colombia-U.S. FTA in the midst of armed conflict?

United States relations with the different countries of Latin America are on the whole underreported. Colombia is especially significant considering the amount of military and financial aid received from the US. According to Just the Facts , since 2000, the US has spent over $5.5 billion on grant military and police aid to Colombia to date.