Peru FTA

NAFTA has exploded in the mainstream media, yet the coverage of the free trade agreement between the United States and Peru has drawn little attention.

The premise behind the Peru FTA is very similar to NAFTA and it is expected to have the same kind of effects such as the undermining of local authority, policies that benefit investors, and the emergence of agribusiness cartels.

Seven out of nine Senate freshman Democrats oppose expandig NAFTA into Peru. As of December 4, 2007 Obama and Clinton were both cited as supporting a free trade agreement in Peru even though they both supported CAFTA.

In July 2006 Democracy NOW! reported on resistance from famers in Peru against the free trade agreement with the United States that was negotiated behind closed doors a week earlier.

Has Congress failed the American workers by passing another Free Trade Agreement in Congress?

"Bush urges Congress to pass Colombian FTA " (Democracy NOW!) Why is is that DN chooses to use the word "urge" to describe how Bush is trying to get Congress to pass of a bill for a free trade agreement with Colombia?