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Through an undergrad degree in Global Studies at St. Lawrence University, I examined globalization and development issues through the lenses of culture, economics, and the environment. While in undergrad, I spent a semester in France, another in Kenya, and later returned to Kenya to conduct research for my honors thesis. This thesis examined the increasing and complex roles of nonprofits working in Kenya following privatization of social welfare programs. Having been exposed to a variety of controversial environmental issues during my studies abroad, I went on from college to explore environmental controversies brewing in the American West. Working seasonally as a wilderness ranger, wildlife tech, and environmental educator in places as disparate as California, Texas, Alberta, Oklahoma, and Montana, I used skills gained through my Global Studies degree to find common ground among disparate stakeholders and move forward on environmentally sensitive issues. I believe that building relationships between people and between people and the land are both vital to fostering and environmentally conscious culture. Now at the University of Montana, I am studying communication strategies that conversation nonprofits use to empower people to act and influence policy on climate change. Thinking globally and acting locally remains the fundamental philosophy guiding my daily activities and thesis research.