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SLU Clinic on Human Rights
Dr. Martha Chew-Sanchez, a professor from St. Lawrence University, created the clinic so that students could gain practical skills in partnering with other students, institutions, and organizations—essentially forming a team as advocates using a multidisciplinary approach and a theoretical framework to address issues of human rights. The cases handled by the Clinic are mainly based on topics related to the US/Mexico border and involve: practice, including fact-finding, reporting and press and other public advocacy. The Clinic examines the cultural, philosophical and political contestations over human rights, and provides students with critical grounding in the major theoretical debates over conceptualizations of human rights. In this course we have learned about human rights and advocacy, specifically focusing on feminicide in Ciudad Juárez. Through our studies we have analyzed various transcriptions of interviews done with families of victims of the systemic violence and its widespread effect. In addition we focused on the historic sentence issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) based on the infamous “Cotton Fields Case”. We have tried to raise awareness of these atrocities, and the role that militarization has played in the marginalization of the citizens of Juarez, through various events on the St. Lawrence campus, such as: The Day of the Dead Celebration, Latin American Night, Amnesty International Northeastern Conference, and a film presentation by Angel Estrada. For more information about Ciudad Juárez, about the clinic, or about how you can get involved to donate or make a difference, please contact: The SLU Clinic on Human Rights: