The Poverty Report

Urban poverty affects too many people to ignore.  Weave blogger Steve Peraza is exploring the problem's many dimensions and thinking through possible ways to solve it.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Antipoverty Proposal

799 A greater percentage of Americans suffer poverty today than when Dr. King was assassinated. The poverty rate in 1968 was approximately 12.8%; today it’s 15%. As poverty plagues more and more people, U.S. leaders propose provisional and fragmented solutions to the problem. Where are the big ideas that tackle the problem as a whole?

Sustainability--The Big Picture

672 One Region Forward

An eclectic mix of educators, legal professionals, and community activists convened today at the Olmstead Center for Sight in downtown Buffalo to attend the first of four sessions in One Region Forward’s Citizen Planning School, an educational program designed “to empower citizens to plan for change in their community.” 

Poverty, Parents, and Smoking

659 If you're going to do it, why not step outside?In my neighborhood it’s not uncommon to see drivers smoking cigarettes in their cars with young children in the backseat. According to a recent study, poverty has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, parents really should stop lighting cigarettes in the cars they use to transport their kids.

Fiscal Guillotines

654 The Ken-Ton School District LogoThere’s an eerie cheerfulness in the ways that some journalists report budget cuts. When the blade falls, they don’t bemoan the folks who lose their heads—they cheer the executioner and hoorah as the heads roll.

Poverty Studies

The fiftieth anniversary of the War on Poverty inspired renewed political debates concerning the causes, consequences, and possible solutions to poverty. Historians have heard the call and begun to (re)examine the history of poverty in America.

Poverty and the Minimum Wage

Will increasing the minimum wage protect workers from poverty? 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at Buffalo

622 University at Buffalo (SUNY) is one of many research institutions invested in the digitization of archival records. UB recently published an audio recording of a 1967 speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Buffalo called “The Future of Integration”.

A Plan without Promise

621 I wish I could celebrate President Obama’s antipoverty program and commend the national media for finally spotlighting the issue of poverty. But I can’t because the Promise Zones Initiative, in theory, attacks the social safety net and, in practice, benefits too few Americans to really make a difference.   

End Republicanism Now!

Now that the Republicans have shut down Congress, and a ton of questions about the efficacy of the federal government are swirling about, let me add one that I think has not been asked but needs to be: Does republicanism still work for us (Americans) as a form of government?

Faith in the Future of America?

November 2, 2013 will mark the thirtieth anniversary of Martin Luther King Day. It was in 1983 that former President Ronald Reagan signed the bill that established the national holiday. How this day misleads us so!