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My name is Chelsea Francis, and I am a graduate of St. Lawrence University, class of 2012. I graduated with my BA in government, and I focused mainly on Native American rights, laws, and International affairs in regards to Indigenous rights. I am Mohawk from Akwesasne, and a graduate of the Akwesasne Freedom School and Salmon River Central. My thoughts and ideas are strongly based in the Mohawk tradition and much of my knowledge is attributed to my traditional upbringing. I am one of 6 children; Watewennahawitha, Kahentenhawe, Katsitsiaroroks, Rohahes and Tahentison are their Mohawk names. My Mohawk name is Okiokwinon, which means "Leader of the crowd." I take great pride in my history and background and my main goal is to educate those around me about the struggles that Native people across Indian country must face on a daily basis.