The Drilling Generation

This blog shifts the debate about drilling for energy away from the economic framework that has flowed in and out of the political realm and sheds light on the environmental and social health effects of this addiction – effects that should change the political and social debate entirely.

The Muppet Agenda

On the Fox Business network last week, “Follow the Money” host Eric Bolling spent ten minutes of his show blasting the newly released The Muppets movie, calling it a perfect example of “Liberal Hollywood”

Renewable Help (Harm Principle Modernized Pt. II)

I recently wrote about The Harm Principle and how there are relationships between the foundation of Mill’s theory and the potential of a new case of crimes against peace within the United Nations: ecocide. However, does this theory hold true throughout the United States three branches of government?

The Harm Principle Modernized (Pt. I)

John Stuart Mill was a political theorist concerned with the scope of government power and authority over the individual. The subject of Mill’s Essay On Liberty, as he states at the outset, “is not the so-called Liberty of the Will…but Civil, or Social Liberty: the nature and limits of the power which can be legitimately exercised by society over the individual” (On Liberty, Pg.7).

Shy America

For the boisterous reputations that Americans have globally, we have turned incredibly quiet on the oil and the climate change debate. Was it just me, or did the 2008 election have some focus on climate change and COP 16? I can remember even G.O.P. candidate John McCain calling for some action towards pollution and the environment. I can remember when COP 16 was to be look upon as a turining point in global history. Where is this talk and passion now and when did Americans become so timid?

The Drilling Generation

What a difference just three decades can make. In 1980, the United States Congress banned offshore drilling in the United States. Ten years later, GOP elect President George H.W. Bush issued an executive order supporting the offshore ban. A year and a half ago, on April 20th, the United States experienced the largest recorded offshore oil spill just forty-one miles of the coast of Louisiana, destroying ocean-floor ecosystems, coastlines and the livelihood of many communities.

The Drilling Generation refers to the subject of this blog - a generation addicted to oil, a generation going leaps and bounds to attain oil, and a generation looking past its consequences.