Denormalizing Malaria

In this blogspace I am examining free-market influences on disease-response efforts in Kenya and the South Indian state of Kerala. My critique reveals the economic pressures, socio-historical factors and political interests which have allowed Kerala to largely meet the medical needs of its citizens while hindering Kenyan attempts to decrease malaria rates.

Anti-Communist Resentment in the 21rst Century

When analyzing what is not in the media, we see a fear of societal transition away from profit-oriented Capitalism towards people-oriented Socialism

Exotic, Rare and Defying all Norms... so where's the Media?

International and particularly western media outlets have failed to cover the story of extremely low malaria rates in the poor south Indian state of Kerala.

Grassroots Politics, Sound Health Care

Kerala demonstrates that investment in human betterment is ultimately an investment in the development of the state.

Socialist, Successful and (therefore) Unspoken of Kerala, India

The economic and political systems of Kerala state, India.

Malaria Doesn't Have to be a Killer, Merely a Pest

Economic pressures and political interests of the global elite fuel poor health care provision and disease-response efforts in parts of the world that need these social services the most.