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i For an S: The Cloud Feud

The invention of the iCloud has been a technological breakthrough on behalf of the Apple company and the late Steve Jobs.  And like any new and fascinating trend, there will be others that want to replicate it for themselves.  Lately, Samsung has been toying around with the idea of having their own Cloud, but they’re going to have to get past the tight grip that Apple has on their precious product.

            The feud between Samsung and Apple began way back in 2010 where Samsung was making some new developments for their Galaxy products.  Under the partnership with Google, Samsung created the Chromebook as a response to the always popular MacBook series.  It was said to be the next big thing, being able to get online wherever a person may be and provide the same infinite storage as the iCloud.  An S-Cloud if you call it.  The idea is noble on the part of Samsung/Google, but ultimately fails in comparison.  For starters, removing some “unnecessary” keys like caps lock and having a permanent browser open rather than having a desktop threw users for a loop.  Also, the infinite Cloud aspect isn’t all there, unless you pay an extra price.  The ability to get online anywhere isn’t there either and relies heavily on other providers like the Verizon network or limited Wi-fi hot spots.  The Chromebook needs to go back to the drawing board before being presented to the general public again, to work out those few kinks.  And it might be a good idea to lower their aspirations, as trying to be the next MacBook could have a far worse ending than what has already been done.

            Another part of the feud is the major patent war that the companies have with their various products, most recently, the Apple iPad/iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nexus S.  Not only do these devices, amongst other products by the two companies, look remarkably similar but it is in question whether or not the same software and technology is similar too.  Samsung prides itself as being the proprietor of any 3G device and declares that Apple is the only company that does not license any Samsung patents.  Yet they should be careful saying that around their number one customers for flash memories, processors and other items that keep the company afloat.   What does seem a bit suspicious is the constant requests by Samsung to see blueprints of unreleased products by Apple.  In some extreme cases, blueprints of products that don’t even exist and that Samsung believes is in the making.  On the opposite hand, Apple does the very same thing only the company asks for product blueprints that are already known to the public like the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  This battle between examining devices for patent violations has gotten rather out of hand now that Samsung is trying to be like Apple, trying to find any kind of imitation that can gain leverage against the opposition.

            Lawsuits have been filed against Apple’s South Korean establishment for such patent issues as well as against the Galaxy products for the same problems.  This long standing battle between Samsung and Apple doesn’t seem like it’s going to die down any time soon and especially with further development of the iCloud and other Cloud like programs, there is a chance for other companies to get in on the action.