What is today's most underreported story?

Linda Alcoff
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Linda Martin-Alcoff identifies "en epidemic of sexual violence and sexual exploitation that's on the increase globally" as today's most underreported story.

Anthony Shadid
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Anthony Shadid comments on how issues of identity in the Middle East are simultaneously underreported and overreported. 

Bill McKibben
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Bill McKibben observes that despite all the talk about climate change, humanity hasn't yet come to grips with the magnitude of the challenge it is facing. 

Ruben Garcia

Reuben Garcia focuses attention on the global responsibility to support people who are forced to leave their home countries. 

David Kirkpatrick
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Kirkpatrick talks about economic disparity being today's most underreported story, and how we don't realize that when it come to economic prosperity the US is the worlds 1%.

Carol Hunter
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Carol Hunter believes that non-violence is the most underreported story.

Daniel Heyman
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Heyman discusses the use of Military contractors in the Iraq war and how the American public does not the realize the true concecuences of this.

Vandana Shiva
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Shiva explains what is unnoticed by the mainstream media.

Melody Moezzi
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For Moezzi African issues are not present in the mainstream media.

Suhad Babaa
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Suhad Babaa explains the role of Just Vision in bringing underreported stories from Palestine to colleges and universities.