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What is your big question?

Anthony Shadid
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Anthony Shadid asks his own big question: "Do we really understand what the legacy of Iraq is going to be?"  

Carol Hunter
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Hunter's Big Question is about society.

Vandana Shiva
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For Shiva the big question circulates around democracy...

Melody Moezzi
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Melody Moezzi values peace and justice and from those outlines Her Big Question.

Harinda Vidanage
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Vindanage talks about the dangerous of cyber culture and how it can lead to a world where communication of ideas is out of control.

David Kirkpatrick
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Kirkpatrick discusses how the biggest question the world faces is how we can raise the global standard of living.

Burton Visotzky
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Visotzky discusses how we should be responsible for the contradictions in our society and how we ultimately relate with god.

Mark Wienand and Brent Eva "Thousands of One"
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Mark Wienand and Brent Eva, members of the band "Thousands of One" talked about how the Big Question the American people is how they can counter the lack of representation in the political system of ordinary citizens. 

María Eloy García
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Eloy Garcia discusses how, no matter how many big questions have been presented to her, she has discovered that they can't be answered.



Don Brown
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 Brown talked about how his biggest question is how do we obtain a judge mobile economic system in which we can relate to one another.