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Written by Asana Hamidu on Dec 22, 2013

One great advice I have received on writing, is to find out what others have written, which gives me ideas on what is absent in the news. One way I keep up with the news is through Google alert. I have compiled a list below with a short summary on online material about refugees. These articles are from a variety of sources i.e. blogs, local news, international online news sites etc.

Here is Part One and Part 2 of the Refugee Digital Curation Series.

Lebanese burn down Syrian refugee camp

Al-akhbar English Published Monday Dec. 2, 2013


Written by Asana Hamidu on Dec 22, 2013

In the past I curated a set of links to article sources related to the topic of refugees.While researching this topic indepth, I have come accross interesting  videos of refugees speaking about their experiences. I have compiled a list of these videos below with brief commentary.

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2010

 Copyright UNHCR 1998, Produced by Leigh Foster.

In this video, three young children who are refugees recount their experiences and give viewers their definition of what being a refugee is about....

Written by Ally Friedman on Dec 20, 2013

This story on a police incident that took place at a Seattle public school last month came to my attention a few weeks ago. Since then I have been researching the issue more, and trying to get in contact with some of the main players in this story. I was unable to get into contact with any representatives from either Africatown, the informal education organization accused of trespassing, or the Horace Mann building where the arrest took place.

The question raises some glaring questions about whether members of Africatown were treated unfairly, especially given the controversial nature of the changes advocated by this organization. Africatown Seattle is committed to “decolonizing” the public...

Written by ejcali10 on Dec 20, 2013

594 source: buffalo.edu

pictured: Vision for new medical campus, which will open Fall of 2016


Earlier in the semester, I noticed that I wrote a piece that did not exactly “believe” in what UB’s 20/20 plan had to offer. I love my city and am proud to call myself a Buffalonian; So, I decided I would come back and highlight some positive thoughts and energy I have surrounding the plan, specifically the downtown campus.

            Many people do not realize the advanced medical specialists and resources we have in Buffalo. From cancer research to sports medicine, Buffalo makes the news frequently regarding the acclaim of some of these professionals. In May 2012, a day after I returned home from Sophomore spring semester for summer break, my step-father, and best friend, suffered from a stroke. He was treated by one of the...

Written by ejcali10 on Dec 20, 2013

SUNY Buffalo has prided themselves for decades on their ability to recruit international students. Because of their efforts, international students today make up 15 percent of the student body, and 5,500 of University Height’s residents are international students. Currently, UB boasts the top spot for recruiting internationally among American public schools.

Amongst house-hunters, international students are at a greater disadvantage. Most abroad students find their homes from the Sub-Board, Inc. (SBI) Off-Campus Housing Office, which are not university-approved houses, and have not undergone any inspection by the company. They see them listed by does not investigate, inspect or endorse the condition of the listed houses and some students assume they...

Written by Ali Warlich on Dec 18, 2013


Check out this informative (but funny!) Ted Talks video. Sir Ken Robinson discusses where we have gone wrong with our education system. America spends more money on education, has smaller class sizes, and has attempted more initiatives than most other countries. However, emphasis has been put on producing good workers, rather than creative thinkers.

Humans are naturally diverse, but we are not cultivating creativity or acknowledging the multiple types of intelligence that our young generations possess. Robinson challenges the way we are educating our children, forcing you to rethink our system where standardized testing has become the dominant culture.

By Ali Warlich

Written by cewing11 on Dec 18, 2013

One of the reasons I was interested in exploring charity and philanthropy was to decipher if there is a better way to give, specifically in developing areas. In previous posts about foreign aid and the questionability about charities in general, I’ve become more interested in this idea of impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Basically, these fields invest in the lives of people from developing areas, as opposed to giving donations and handouts, to create a more sustainable solution that does not create the developing nations dependence on the giving nations. 

Stanford Social Innovation Review published an article, “...

Written by Łukasz W. Niparko on Dec 18, 2013

Have YOU seen it yet? See it!

This is how we treat people in the 21st century, in the middle of Europe... Look carefully how people are STRIPPED from their Human Rights, their humanity - watch how our society is dealing with migrants, with fellow human beings who dream about better life and seek the new opportunities.

Do You feel shock, shame, despair, me too, but They even more!


Source: YouTube .

Written by Ali Warlich on Dec 17, 2013

In Part 1 of this blog post I briefly outlined just how unequal our country has become. Over the last couple of decades, the rich and superrich have experienced a dramatic increase in income, while the rest of Americans ranging from the poor to the upper-middle class have lagged far behind. What media often fails to cover is how class disparities are impacting our public education system. In August of 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream Speech” in a time where black peers lagged behind their white peers by more than three years. Fifty years later, social class has become the main barrier to a success in the United States.

A 2011 study by...

Written by ctagg11 on Dec 15, 2013

In a recent blog post I wrote earlier this week, I mentioned how a protest led by the Workers Center of Central New York featured very few undocumented workers because most of them didn’t have driver’s licenses or vehicles. It seems as though some states are taking steps to help the workers become more mobile and have the freedom to be able to obtain a drivers license.

Senate Bill 38 provides a form of identification called a privilege card that is equivalent to a Vermont license yet is not a valid form of Federal ID. In order to get the privilege card a written test and a driving test need to be passed, and owners of the card will be able to interact with local police officers without revealing their...