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Written by Ali Warlich on Dec 18, 2013


Check out this informative (but funny!) Ted Talks video. Sir Ken Robinson discusses where we have gone wrong with our education system. America spends more money on education, has smaller class sizes, and has attempted more initiatives than most other countries. However, emphasis has been put on producing good workers, rather than creative thinkers.

Humans are naturally diverse, but we are not cultivating creativity or acknowledging the multiple types of intelligence that our young generations possess. Robinson challenges the way we are educating our children, forcing you to rethink our system where standardized testing has become the dominant culture.

By Ali Warlich

Written by cewing11 on Dec 18, 2013

One of the reasons I was interested in exploring charity and philanthropy was to decipher if there is a better way to give, specifically in developing areas. In previous posts about foreign aid and the questionability about charities in general, I’ve become more interested in this idea of impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Basically, these fields invest in the lives of people from developing areas, as opposed to giving donations and handouts, to create a more sustainable solution that does not create the developing nations dependence on the giving nations. 

Stanford Social Innovation Review published an article, “...

Written by Łukasz W. Niparko on Dec 18, 2013

Have YOU seen it yet? See it!

This is how we treat people in the 21st century, in the middle of Europe... Look carefully how people are STRIPPED from their Human Rights, their humanity - watch how our society is dealing with migrants, with fellow human beings who dream about better life and seek the new opportunities.

Do You feel shock, shame, despair, me too, but They even more!


Source: YouTube .

Written by Ali Warlich on Dec 17, 2013

In Part 1 of this blog post I briefly outlined just how unequal our country has become. Over the last couple of decades, the rich and superrich have experienced a dramatic increase in income, while the rest of Americans ranging from the poor to the upper-middle class have lagged far behind. What media often fails to cover is how class disparities are impacting our public education system. In August of 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream Speech” in a time where black peers lagged behind their white peers by more than three years. Fifty years later, social class has become the main barrier to a success in the United States.

A 2011 study by...

Written by ctagg11 on Dec 15, 2013

In a recent blog post I wrote earlier this week, I mentioned how a protest led by the Workers Center of Central New York featured very few undocumented workers because most of them didn’t have driver’s licenses or vehicles. It seems as though some states are taking steps to help the workers become more mobile and have the freedom to be able to obtain a drivers license.

Senate Bill 38 provides a form of identification called a privilege card that is equivalent to a Vermont license yet is not a valid form of Federal ID. In order to get the privilege card a written test and a driving test need to be passed, and owners of the card will be able to interact with local police officers without revealing their...

Written by ambeckwith on Dec 14, 2013


In this post I will include the information gathered from a survey I sent out to various friends, colleagues, and professors from Spain. Though the number surveyed is minimal in the grand scheme of things, I think that the responses have helped generate insight into how the public views the situation in Spain in regards to xenophobia, specifically after the financial crisis. 

I feel fortunate to have made such connections during my time in Spain, where I had a set of all Spanish professors, lived with a host family, and interned in an NGO headquartered in Madrid working with immigrants. Through this I have a small network of contacts to discuss my topic with, on a professional and a personal level. My survey is simple, it has a few general, open-ended questions, to which the surveyees could include any information or opinions,...

Written by Haley Davis on Dec 14, 2013

This past week has been a sad week for pro-choice advocates. Michigan has recently pass a new bill. Dubbed as the “Rape Insurance” Bill, the “Abortion Insurance Op-Out Act” bans all insurance plans in the state from covering abortion unless the woman’s life is in danger. This requires women to purchase a separate plan if they want the procedure covered. This includes cases of rape or incest. 

The whole push behind this movement was to prevent people who are anti-choice from having to pay for a plan that covers it. However, in cases of rape or incest leading to unwanted pregnancy, this bill really just sends the message that women should have planned ahead for their possible rape and pregnancy and purchased the insurance ahead of time....

Written by Łukasz W. Niparko on Dec 14, 2013

Couple of days ago, I found in my inbox... a link from my Ukrainian friend sharing the anonymous blog from Maidan Nezalezhnosti - the Independence Square in Kiev. For the last three weeks, I am observing what is happening over there, as well as efforts of those who try to build some 'solidarity avenues' with the people who despite frost-bites and violence from the para-military militia - are standing there for true democracy and freedom. They already did so on the turn of 2004 and 2005, when the Orange Revolution took its place, and they won! But what the people organized by solidarity achieved, was lost to corrupted politics and oligarchy that values only the monetary profit over any values that should rule our societies. Yet having in mind this great failure, the people of Ukraine did not lost their hopes. They are standing there again! One more time believing that solidarity...

Written by hspiv7 on Dec 13, 2013

            As I had mentioned in my first post, a personal connection with a Vietnam Veteran is what sparked my interest in this blog topic. My Uncle Jack returned from the war with severe PTSD and has been struggling with mental health ever since. His wife Marlene has been exposed to Jack’s issues for many years and agreed to talk to me about the issues she faces as the spouse of a Vietnam Veteran.


What is your view on where Vietnam Veterans stand?


“A lot of Vietnam veterans are under the radar because of the homelessness and not going for services. Many of them were not embraced when they returned from the war, it was not something where people welcomed them with open...

Written by skell11 on Dec 13, 2013

In my last post, I talked about the present and future payouts from BCS bowl games to certain conferences.  I found that reading the article by Kristi Dosh (click name for link to article) provided me with a number of interesting facts about how money is distributed to different conferences throughout Division One football conferences.  It turns out that the gap in earnings between the automatic qualifying conferences and the non-automatic qualifying conferences is huge and that it is only getting worse.  So how can we stop it?

We can't.  And that's the problem.  The new College Playoff System will be in effect,...