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Written by Ally Friedman on Dec 12, 2013

 As I’ve been exploring the topic of informal education over the past couple months, I’ve had to grapple with the term and the topic itself as an underreported subject in general. For some, non-formal education simply means the kind of education that is provided for out-of-school youth who are unable to attend a formal educational institution because of cost or other prohibitive factors. For others, informal or alternative education is viewed as a crucial supplement to traditional schooling.

While traveling and studying in Kenya last spring I was struck by both the style of teaching and learning I observed in schools. The strict curriculum and lecture-style classes seemed limiting and I wondered where youth acquired “softer” skills like critical thinking, public speaking, and leadership skills? Are these skills taught in any schools? At home? In other kinds of programs?...

Written by Cody Pitz on Dec 12, 2013

By Cody Pitz

The Susitna-Watana Dam is being planned to be built on the fourth largest king salmon (chinook) run in Alaska with hundreds of thousands of new salmon birthed on the river and year. Coho, pink, chum, and sockeye also spawn on the river and use it as a nursery for young fish. While the state says the dam will not affect salmon as they have seen very few above the dam site, others feel that there will be major consequences for the salmon...

Written by Megan McGregor on Dec 11, 2013

I was reading the Concord Monitor and stumbled across this Article written by Becky Field. The article is about a refugee, Concord, NH native, who committed suicide over the Thanksgiving holiday. She writes her condolences and sadness of his passing.

This article stuck out to me because when reading it you can really tell just how sincere she is when writing it. Becky Field is a photographer who works with immigrant and refugee communities and has done some work in Concord, New Hampshire. You can tell her...

Written by ctagg11 on Dec 11, 2013

I wanted to focus my blog on the issues of undocumented workers, but because I am mainly covering dairy farms I felt it would be amiss to not discuss the amount of animal abuse that takes place in said farms. In one of my recent blog posts, I talked about how the media uses selective discourse to take the humanity away from undocumented immigrants. This raises the question, if dairy farms treat people this poorly, then how about the animals? This question led me down a dark path of research.

'It's not DiGiorno's, it's DisGusting'

While groups like PETA have long documented the mistreatment of animals in the farming industry, a recently surfaced video struck a chord with me and I knew I had to share it with my readers. Let me warn you now that the footage is...

Written by ejcali10 on Dec 11, 2013

“Good luck folks it has been a college playground for decades.”


Above is a comment posted on an article from The Buffalo News from earlier this fall, discussing the concerns of residents who believe the house parties are increasingly becoming out of control. JoAnne Coughlin, who has lived in the heights for 44 years, is sad and nostalgic for how beautiful the neighborhood used to be. 

As a passionate history major, I thought it would be both enjoyable and informative for the reader to see University Heights from a historical standpoint. Although much of the news and literature surrounding the area is negative, I believe an important piece of this blog would be to highlight the rich...

Written by ctagg11 on Dec 11, 2013

The organization called the Workers Center of Central New York caught my eye when researching the undocumented worker situation in the North East. The group is a grassroots movement that fights human rights and wage injustices in the New York workforce. The WCCNY has recently focused specifically on the issue of dairy farming. Protests led by the group are adorned with signs touting their slogan ‘Milk cows, not workers!’ It’s a simple message that rings true to the estimated 2,600 undocumented immigrants who are employed by the dairy farms of upstate NY, working in poor conditions for extremely low wages.

One worker associated with the WCCNY released a press statement as a plea for the American people to wake up and...

Written by Haley Davis on Dec 11, 2013

The United States is becoming increasingly conservative. As congressmen attempt to repeal Obamacare for what seems like the millionth time, states are also attempting to restrict abortions as much as they can. 

Despite abortion being legal for over 40 years thanks to the Roe v. Wade decision, conservative lawmakers are attempting to restrict access to abortion by passing laws. Some of these restrictions include banning abortions after 12 or 17 weeks, requiring parental consent for minors, or requiring pregnant women to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound before having an abortion. 

These restrictions attempt to force or bully pregnant women into staying pregnant, effectively ignoring the right to choose. 

As of 2011, Oregon is...

Written by cewing11 on Dec 11, 2013

In response to my previous posts about The Center for Investigative Reporting’s report on America’s Worst Charities, I have done a little digging myself. Previously, I highlighted some charities such as National Veterans Service Fund, Kids Wish Network, Cancer Fund of America, and the Breast Cancer Relief Foundation. I decided to call some of these charities to find out for myself what their answers were to the allegations made about them in sites like ...

Written by Megan McGregor on Dec 10, 2013

If you have been keeping up with my blog then you know that I am covering refugees in New Hampshire and with a strong focus on refugees in Concord, New Hampshire. Recently I created an infographic (a fun tool to convey a message or some research) and within in the infographic I have covered a few areas that I find interesting.

In a previous post, I (with some help) created a map of what countries refugees are coming from. In the newest infographic I have replicated this map but also added some more countries that were not shown on the previous map. I got my statistics from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and found that I got a wider verity of countries from that website then the...

Written by karichicago on Dec 10, 2013


The third floor of this cool (which will be kept anonymous) was abandoned last year due to under enrollment. There was a lack of supervision obviously. The stall wall wasn't even painted over or replaced this year. The graffiti was simply scratched off, providing a "negative image" of what had been there in black sharpie marker.  Latin Kings and Green Dragons are well represented in the graffiti. Those are two of the four gangs in the West side of Chicago that are competing for money and power. In my last post, the Mayor was looking to help these “trapped” kids. This school happens to be one of the schools that have the privilege of remaining open. With the changes that are happening and with all the overcrowding, does this school happen to be bad? Or are the students just trapped?