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Written by Keilly on Apr 8, 2009

Watch the whole thing.

 [video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FehBgQeVKFQ 500x500]

Written by milansova on Apr 8, 2009

Mexico is on the back of everyone’s mind. The death rate in Tijuana was higher than in Baghdad just a couple months ago, but with the involvement of Mexican troops sent to stop the violence, rates seem to be going down. Recently President Calderon said that the amount of drugs crossing the border would not be possible with out government corruption on both sides of the border. It is also important for the flow of guns to stop coming out of the U.S. and into Mexico (same with arms shipments to Israel). Anyhow the point that is most important is that we cannot assume that the ‘drug war’ is one that only deals with law enforcement and drug dealers, it is involved government officials as well. The rhetoric surrounding drug smuggling from...

Written by nicoleszucs on Apr 7, 2009

With the economic crisis in place, it seemed that everything was just about money. I wondered where the environment fits in all this, when few of the major newspapers provided an analysis of how to solve the economic crisis without forgetting the environment. Even fewer talked about how to tackle the environmental crisis that has been increasing for decades. However, with the lack of consideration of the environmental crisis by the G-20, major newspapers and independent media started concerning and analysing  the forgotten crisis.  

Today in the BBC they mentioned the Ecological- debt we are all subject to. As the report says "the ecological debt crisis, which threatens much more than pension funds and car manufacturers, is left to languish". The G-20 tackled...

Written by JakeDexter on Apr 3, 2009

19,ooo seals have been killed during the first part of Canada's annual hunt. Last week marked the beginning of a Canadian "tradition" that will only conclude upon the slaughtering of approximately 350,000 hooded , harp , and gray seals. I guess I was wrong to think Canada had an untarnished environmental record.

The Canadians say that the hunt is profitable for isolated communities in the northern regions of the country. According to the article on the Huffington Post "Fishermen sell seal pelts mostly for the...

Written by nicoleszucs on Apr 3, 2009

Can design help save newspapers?

Eye-pleasing layouts, graphs and a good news content could help save print newspapers.Concise information, points of view and an easy to digest approach, can help bring back newspapers to the breakfast table. No need to struggle to switch from page to page or find information.This might not be the only way of saving newspapers, but I think it could be a popular step. 

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHuH8P_Vqc0 400x400]

Written by Khady on Apr 2, 2009

While there is a lot of coverage in the news about the effects of the global economic crisis on the United States and other industrial nations, the coverage of how this crisis is affecting the developing nations is minimal. One obvious reason for this is that most developing nations were not hit hard by the financial crisis, which was the event for the global economic crisis. However with the effects of the burst “real estate bubble” created here in the United States spilling over to the real economy, developing countries around the globe are starting to feel the blow.

A recent World Bank report titled “ Swimming Against the Tide: How Developing Countries Are Coping With The Global Crisis” warns...

Written by Khady on Apr 2, 2009

Found this very interesting article on BBC about how groups and individuals alike around the world are trying to use media technology in all sorts of creative ways to provide a wide range of content about the ongoing G20 summit.

One such effort, which I found interesting is the G20 Voice Bloggers.  This is what was said on their site about them: 

"50 of the world’s most interesting and influential bloggers will be your eyes and ears at the G20 Summit in London, April 2. They come from 22 different countries, and between them represent a global audience of over 14 million readers and online participants. They are journalists who use blogging as their medium to...

Written by Khady on Apr 2, 2009

 An interesting short clip by Al Jazeera on the G20 summit.

 [video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2ULbhPJypw&feature=channel 500x500]

 Obama states that he is more interested in fixing the problem rather than playing a game of blame. But I wonder how effective or even sustainable a "quick fix" that does not identify and address the cause will be. 


Written by erkinalp on Apr 2, 2009

This post is not a mere re-analysis of the Sivas Massacre of 1993. It separates itself from the mainstream literature by underlining the reasoning behind the massacre, and placing the affair into the global post-Rushdie* discourse.

"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." (J. W. von Goethe)

Over the weekend I watched a documentary (Dundar 2002) about the massacre of 33 Turkish intellectuals in a hotel in July 1993 in the eastern Anatolian city of Sivas. The occasion was a festival organized in the name of an Alewi poet who lived 400 years ago, Pir Sultan Abdal. The Alewis are a religious (Muslim) minority in Turkey, who are not officially recognized by the state; and poet Abdal, due to his rebellious attitude, has always been an inspiration for struggle that the public kept him alive, despite the ban...